Senior Police Officer Charged with Theft


By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The Regional Commander of the Namibian Police in the Hardap Region, Deputy Commissioner Bollen Sankwasa, was released on a bail of N$500 after he was charged with theft at Mariental on May 24, this year. Sankwasa is accused of stealing police petrol at the Mariental Police Station. It is stored at the station for emergencies. The case was postponed to August 8. The Public Relations Officer of the Namibian Police, Chief Inspector Angula Amulungu, confirmed the incident yesterday and noted that a disciplinary committee from the Namibian police will meet next week to decide on the fate of the high-ranking police officer. “The disciplinary committee will meet to decide what internal steps should be taken against Sankswasa following his arrest.” Amulungu added that he did not know the value or the quantity of the petrol that the officer is alleged to have stolen. The Commanding Commissioner of the Complaints and Discipline Unit of the Namibian Police, Hubert Mootseng, noted that his department will act firmly without fear against any person who is accused of breaking the law. He said the charge against Sankswasa is a criminal offence and his unit will deal with internal disciplinary matters. He added that he could not pre-empt the likely steps to be taken against the high-ranking police officer, adding that the committee will need to study the evidence properly before any decision is taken. “Our duties are to investigate all allegations of misconduct or bad execution of official duties on the part of police officers.” The allegation of petrol theft by the regional commander is not good news for the police after the force’s fleet of vehicles in the various regions ground to a halt in April due to lack of fuel.

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