‘Coup’ Threatens NFA Bucks


Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The N$40 million sponsorship of the Namibia Football Consortium (NFC) for the Namibia Football Association (NFA) has been thrown into doubt after the NFC decided to withhold its sponsorship until the NFA finds ” … a speedy resolution of the leadership crisis in Namibian football”. The NFC, which is comprised of Mobile Telecommunications (MTC), Namibia Breweries Limited and First National Bank, stated it has taken note of the serious concerns raised by the present stalemate in the leadership of the NFA following a meeting on Saturday which ousted the current Executive Committee of the NFA. On behalf of the Consortium, Albertus Aochamub of MTC, Cassius Moetie of FNB and Kavee Rijatua of NBL in a joint statement noted that they have resolved that the NFC should receive immediate formal debriefing on the reported leadership crisis in the ranks of the NFA. “We resolve that a moratorium will be instituted with regard to further investments in Namibian football as part of the present five-year agreement until the NFA has an effective leadership that is constitutionally elected”. The Namibian football sponsors also called on the NFA to host an extra-ordinary Congress before the end of June with the aim of resolving the present leadership debacle. The NFC added that they will honour all obligations that are due to the NFA for the present season as mutually agreed, but further payments are contingent upon a speedy resolution of the leadership crisis. The Consortium also called on all parties involved to adopt a professional attitude in order to resolve the conflict in an amicable manner. Namibian football was thrown into disarray after twelve members affiliated to the NFA put in a vote of no- confidence in the current leadership of the NFA and decided to elect an interim committee to take over the affairs of the association. The move, which is believed to have been orchestrated by Namibia Premier League chairman Anton van Wyk and other top officials at Soccer House, is alleged to have been prompted by recent developments in football. The new interim committee led by Blue Waters chairman Hendrik Dawids is calling for an extra-ordinary congress soon to fill the vacant position which resulted from the resignation of Judge Petrus Damaseb almost three months ago. The NFA under the leadership of Acting President John Muinjo has made some changes at Soccer House, including moving some personnel. The move by Muinjo has upset some people at Soccer House who have accused him of tribalism. However, Muinjo dismissed the allegations of tribalism and noted that it was an attempt by desperate people who are yearning for the normal situation that prevailed before that allowed them certain privileges at the expense of the game and its development. “This association cannot become the dumping ground of other institutions’ unwanted employees.” The acting president added that he is there to get the institution running and deliver on the promise of the development of the game in the country. “I must tap into the competence of the team at my disposal and drive it towards the results, and, if in the process I disturb the comfort zones of certain individuals in the team, so be it.” New Era has learned that the Secretary General of the NFA, Alfeus Gawaseb, and Technical Director Seth Boois have been playing the tribal card following a report from FIFA, which highlighted that the two were performing very poorly (See full report page 16). A source at Soccer House added the two were judged by a FIFA team, which definitely is not interested in the local tribal issues and graded them poorly. “The SG and TD knew the outcome of the report because they have diverted funds meant for development to other matters,” said a source at Soccer House. Meanwhile, NFA Public Relations Officer Beau Kauta has stated that the ‘purported extra-ordinary congress of the NFA did not take place. “The meeting which took place was under the leadership of individuals who have made it their task to create confusion in football for own personal gain”. Kauta added that the purported meeting could not have been constituted in terms of the NFA Statues and therefore was not properly constituted to take such a decision. “The Executive Committee of the NFA wishes to assure the members of the NFA, employees, sponsors and other stakeholders, football fans and the general public, that the situation is under control and the necessary steps are being taken to dispel the confusion the perpetrators of this action wish to create in our beloved game.”

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