Worsening the Tribal Love


Words have been said by the so-called Ovanamutjemo concerned group with their self-flimsy belief. Let me now use this opportunity to advise the group that your qualification to return to the Ovambanderu Council is not much being required but purely to swallow your pride and give up on self-interest in order to promote peace, stability and harmony within the community. Furthermore, note that the Ovambanderu Council’s overriding considerations will continue and to continue complying with the rule of justice. It is therefore no surprise that independent leaders, leaders such as Chief Munjuku Nguvauva II (Munenee) and others who resist being turned into pawns would be branded names by these agents of disunity with their motive to divide – they do not carry the welfare of the Ovambanderu and are simply trying to worsen the existing love that prevails amongst the Ovambanderu tribe. Thus, stop from your recent corrupt evil immediately and focus on ideas towards development in your respective areas such as roads and other community upliftment programmes where your will be able to reap fruits in future. – H K Kavari