Tow-in Body Ready to Roll


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK A draft constitution was on Wednesday formally accepted for the establishment of the Namibian Towing and Recovery Association (NAMTRA). A committee was elected to promote the aims and objectives of the newly formed legal entity. It is general knowledge that the recovering and salvaging motor vehicle sector had been a bone of contention and a platform of conflict among tow-in companies for years. “NAMTRA will be registered as a company not for gain in terms of section 21 of the Company Act, 1973,” said lawyer Rooies Mostert when he handed over the draft constitution to those present at the event in the capital. According to him, the constitution aims to create uniformity in the conduct of members and to regulate such conduct to ensure professional and disciplined service delivery to the public. “The constitution seeks to establish a trustworthy mutual relationship between members of the public, inclusive of public enterprises and governmental services providers. “NAMTRA also wants to engage in negotiations and to make representations and appeals to the country’s Transport Commission, the Namibian Police Traffic Force, local authority traffic divisions as well as commercial enterprises involved in the sector,” states the draft constitution. According to Mostert, the document is so designed to ensure fair labour practices and to encourage, improve and promote road safety education in the country. “It is now up to the members of NAMTRA to create grievance structures and procedures to enable motorists to communicate dissatisfaction with services provided by tow-in companies,” Mostert said. A three-person interim committee was also elected to lead the organization through its formative stages. “I would like to think that with the establishment of NAMTRA all mudslinging, back -stabbing and bickering among members will now come to an abrupt end and that cooperation will henceforth become our motto in the interest of the sector. One of the first things we intend doing is to curb pirate operators, costing us a great loss of income for the more than 300 people involved in the industry,” the new elected chairperson of NAMTRA, Johannes van Staden said. The committee plans to hold its first general information-sharing meeting next Saturday with all its members in the country. “Next Saturday’s meeting will provide for final input opportunities on the constitution before it is ratified by the members,” said committee member David Martin.