Survival of the Fittest


Eewa Fifi Rhodes Nose blowing, sneezing and coughing. A dog-like feeling? Yes! Get yourself ready because this is the time to spread the flu virus to other people. June to August is the time for a major common cold attack that takes its toll especially on the working class and schools. This is also the time when affected ones can run to the doctor to be booked off work for a day or two. Critical thinking which will allow informed decisions about medical care for the common cold is to be sought fast to avoid the dog-like feeling that will only see the survival of the fittest. Judging from the recent rains and the wet soil, getting a cold is not ruled out. I remember grandma always gave us the wonder medicine of Lennon accompanied by Vicks and Med Lemon. The bosses at the offices have to understand that the affected party should rather stay at home and recover whilst coming to work one might infect everyone. My home doctor recently told me to take precautions and explained that our noses contain shelf-like structures called turbinates. This is scroll shaped bone found on the walls of the nose, which help trap particles entering the nasal passages. It helps to move cells to the back of the throat in 10-15 minutes movement in the nose. Cold viruses are believed to be carried to the back of the throat where they are deposited in the area of the adenoid. The adenoid is a lymph gland structure that contains cells to which cold viruses attach. The second reason for adopting early continuous cold treatment is that colds routinely involve the sinuses. Up to 87 percent of patients with early uncomplicated colds had thick fluid in the sinus cavity. Nose blowing therefore creates high pressure in the nose and propels nasal fluid into the sinuses. Nose blowing may be a cause of sinus disease in colds. Early continuous treatment reduces the frequency of sneezing and the amount of nasal secretions, thus reducing the need for blowing the nose. Vicks, Puma and Camphor ointments help to reduce sneezing, coughing, running nose and ease blocked nose during colds. Today with the advancement in the medical world, it has a new name of Vicks Vaporub. Lots of Vitamin salts and also in tablet form, with lots of oranges that provide Vitamin C on the menu, can help reduce the cold attacks. A good old friend always brags about his good health status and said that lots of good sex is just the right cure if you don’t want to catch a cold. Now, nose drops and sprays have rapid and powerful action in relieving nasal obstruction. That I know, but am not so sure about my friend’s advice. Those on medical aid can jump for the more advanced medicine to help wear off nasal obstruction. Even an injection against the cold is advised. Nasal dryness also burns and irritates the throat so I will stick to what grandmother taught me. A spoon of Borstoll and Vicks on a piece of brown paper between my shoulders and I’m OK. Eewa!