Media manager Falls Prey to Road Rage


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The Sales and Marketing Manager of New Era became a road rage victim early on Wednesday morning in the capital when he was physically assaulted by a motorist in the presence of his daughter. Roy Klassen was on his way from home to drop off his daughter at school when he was accosted and allegedly assaulted by a senior policeman in the Serious Crime Unit of the Namibian Police. Joe Mulwa, a college lecturer and Kerri-Lee Klassen witnessed the fracas. “I was taking my daughter to school when we entered the intersection at Sam Nujoma Drive and Robert Mugabe. The lights were green and I proceeded to go across and a driver in a white kombi, registration number N25389W was driving alongside me. I was in the inner lane and he on the outer when all of a sudden, he swerved into my lane, hitting his car’s right rear end into my left front bumper and fender,” Klassen recalled. According to Klassen, he applied brakes but the driver of the other vehicle drove off. “I followed the man’s vehicle and a short distance further, he stopped. I got out of my car to speak to him, but he sped away. I again followed him, flashing my lights for him to stop – which he did not. He turned into a side road and I managed to make him stop. I then told him that he had bumped my car, but he rudely brushed me off and sped off again,” the aggrieved Klassen said. “At Maerua Mall he off-loaded a female passenger. I tried to speak to him again but he just drove off. I still followed him as he was trying to get away from me driving in a very zigzag manner and going down different roads. I eventually caught up with him and he led me to the Windhoek Police Station where I pulled up and got out of my car to confront him. I told him that he had bumped my car and that I needed his name and insurance details,” Klassen recalled. Klassen further said that the man started swearing at him and abusively challenged him to lay charges against him. “In the process, the man hit me in the face and knocked down my sunglasses and my cell phone from my hand. Both items landed on the ground and as I was about to pick up my glasses, he stomped his foot on them, in the process damaging them,” said Klassen, who sustained an injury to his temple and right eye. A formal charge of common assault was opened against the yet to be identified senior policeman.