Haosemab Takes the Bull by the Horns


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK He intends to undertake a familiarization tour to all existing arts centres as part of his added responsibilities as acting head of the National Extension Programme of the College of the Arts, as a mater of priority. This is one of the projects Sacky Haosemab has planned for this trimester to acquaint himself with the work part-time arts lecturers have been doing over the past five years. “It is imperative that a process of consolidation of the work done be launched. Hence the fact that I have decided to visit the centres and get the respective communities directly involved in the arts activities of every community. My feeling is that these centres have been operating too much in isolation over the years,” said Haosemab in an Art/Life interview this week. The responsibility to run the NAEP was handed to him after he was appointed manager of the KACA at the beginning of this year. “I believe that these centres should operate more independently under the auspices of strong community leadership. If such a centre is resorting and operating under a school, the principal of that particular educational institution should take responsibility for it. Then only these centres will get the necessary recognition for their important work being done in communities,” he said. The post became vacant after the former head of the NAEP, Sharon Cagnetta, was suspended on allegations of fraud and theft. She and the accountant of the College of the Arts are soon to appear in court on theft and fraud charges. “I will definitely encourage the staging of community oriented exhibitions of works by students and artists working on the programme on a town-based level. The creative products and process should be made more accessible to the public for greater appreciation. Naturally I will also encourage present tutors in the NAEP to improve their academic and artistic qualities and qualifications for better service delivery,” the former pastor said. The NAEP provides part-time employment to more than 70 Namibian artists, dependent on it for their livelihood. The acting head of the NAEP will operate from the KACA until the post is advertised by the ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture.