Two Teams to Get the Chop?


By Engel Nawatiseb Despite a brave fright and positive results especially in the final games of the Namibia Premier League, Chief Santos and Touch & Go are expected to go down this season. With only one game left, Touch & Go can kiss goodbye to the elite league while Santos need an Orlando Pirates victory and a massive win against Oshakati City to avoid the drop. MTC NFA Cup finalist Cymot SKW are not yet safe and need at least a draw against Orlando Pirates on Saturday to retain their status quo. Cymot SKW recorded a vital victory against Black Africa on Sunday to improve their survival chances. Santos engaged the hard-to-beat Optics Rambles on Saturday and pulled off a much-needed victory to pinch more hopes of avoiding the relegation axe that is hanging right at their doorstep. Supporters and sympathizers of the former glorious Santos have rallied their hopes of survival on the weekend matches that could move up the Copper Town boys from their current position on the log. Santos attacked from the first minute after the whistle was blown and scored in the 15th minute through the boot of reliable Ricardo Witbeen. The Copper Town lads put up a visible fight and were rewarded through a superb cross by a Santos forward which Warren Neidel capitalized on to lead his team two goals to zero. Santos showed their determination to win the match through their domination of the first half. Ricardo Witbeen scored again during the dying minutes of the first half to lead by 3-goals to nil at halftime. The team displayed a stylish performance that undoubtedly entertained the home crowd to its fullest. After the first half, Ramblers, still recovering from the merciless attack by Santos strikers, managed to net their first goal to break the Santos dominance. To the surprise of many supporters, Ramblers put up a lacklustre performance but regained confidence after former free-kick “specialist” Gerros ‘Bomber’ Witbeen missed a clearance ball that enabled a Ramblers player to chip between the latter and Santos’ goalkeeper to put the final score at 3-2 in favour of Santos. Chances of Santos to remain in the premier league during the next season received another boost following the defeat of neighbour Touch & Go against Eleven Arrows on Saturday while another relegation target SKW pulled a draw against African Stars. The Tsumeb Town Council reportedly also boosted the morale of Santos players after it wrote to the management and players to fight for victory during the remaining encounters. The statement reportedly expressed concern over the future of active football at the town should the team (Santos) face relegation next season. Santos have a young team that has previously set the winning record straight, and the status quo remains but the team needs to show more character. “Our recent appeal to groom a playmaker has been heard by the technical team. We needed a player that is in control of the game with flair and style, a person that is able to play a central role and be recognized by the way he excites us when in possession of the ball. Ricardo has shown over the weekend that he can get the ball to feet, spin and run at the opposition’s defence, it’s the formula that works for us.” However, Santos on Sunday threw away three vital points when they allowed the Ingweiyama “Tigers” to collect a point after dominating the proceedings on the afternoon. A crucial goalkeeper error allowed a Tigers goal in the final minutes of the games. The jury is still out whether the error was fatal and whether Santos will be relegated. The Copper Town boys will play against Physal Oshakati City in their last fixture of the season.