Stop Press – Keetmanshoop Deadlocked


The Keetmanshoop Council failed yesterday to get a third office bearer for the management committee after three councillors declined to serve on this policy making body. Two Swapo councillors, Basil Brown and Fina Elago, who both served on the management committee for two consecutive years declined after being nominated. The one CoD councillor, Arnold Losper who was only sworn in yesterday declined to take the challenge. Losper is replacing his party colleague, the late Margreth Abrahams, as councillor. A DTA councillor and one of the Cod, Moses Titus and Thomas Cole-man respectively rose to the occasion and accepted their nominations, but are now short of one more person for a complete team to start with their new responsibilities. Meanwhile, Petrus Ti-both was elected to serve as mayor of the town for the third consecutive year. He will be deputised by Peter John Visser of the Republican Party. Insiders say Brown wanted badly to serve as chairperson of the management committee and Elago as the mayor. However, with Tiboth having been unanimously elected as the mayor and Brown’s chances slim to get the chairmanship given his past relations with Titus and Coleman, they both are said to have declined in an apparent show of protest. It is believed that there has been intense lobbying for the top positions, and proceedings were set to continue last night in view of the second session to-day.