Ex-Governor Bolstered by ‘White Media’?


The constant negative media reports, perpetuated by self-interest groups to sabotage the image and credibility of Governor Hanse, cannot be tolerated for long. From our visual observation and conscious thinking, we became convinced to respond in a radical revolutionary spirit against the brutal and cruel remarks meted out to our beloved Governor. It is indeed disheartening to discern the lack of balance and objective reporting by the politically motivated white media. In recognition of the dilemmas, we are eagerly prepared to draw an analogy between former DTA Governor Boltman and our incumbent Governor, representing the political cause of the black electorate. Now, the time has come to make a distinct analogy between the then white governor (Boltman) and our SWAPO elected governor (Hanse). Any emancipated black resident of our region would embrace our idea of political self-determination and pride that has emerged with the demise of Oubaas Boltman. His political orientation and white posture in manning the public affairs of the second tier government brought despair, disillusionment and compounded misery for the already poor people of the Hardap Region. He failed dismally in his leadership role to spur socio-economic development geared towards reducing the prevailing social inequalities and hardship. Therefore, it is crucial to equally inform the self-imposed intelligence spies, who falsely accused our governor of corruption, without knowing about the looting of scarce public resources. On the contrary and for their own political reasons, they painted a perfect picture of Oubaas Boltman as the divine leader of the whites. To put things into broader perspective, the analogy constructed between the two governors would clearly demonstrate the scale and magnitude of corrupt practices under his governorship. If we failed to develop a proper measurable corrupt index, then you are at liberty to obtain detailed formula from Transparency International. Firstly, are you aware about the housing allowance payments made to the former Governor, whilst he concurrently occupied a government residence? This enrichment scheme dragged on for months and years as contrary to the three months housing allowance received by Governor Hanse. To add salt to the wound, the then incompetent management cadres allowed him to drain the already cash-strapped public coffers. To curry favour, he was generously accompanied by his collaborators or less educated staff members on weekends of hunting excursions to glue their lips for their heroic deceiving actions. My friend, history reveals itself and the general public and your fatherly figure (Anti-Corruption Commission) must be rightfully informed whether the indebted amount has been recovered or not. In comparable terms, the much published curtain saga is a drop in the ocean in relation to the tremendous amount squandered by Oubaas Boltman. You must bear in mind that all corruption which was committed in previous terms will be investigated retrospectively. If there are shortcomings in the current Anti-Corruption Act, the SWAPO majority will propose amendments and your cohorts will face the music. Don’t ever try to undermine the political capacity of our party and its leadership. Before you attempt rumour-mongering, back-biting and distortions, rather engage yourself in understanding the context and history of SWAPO Party. We are capable of developing problem specific models and possess the capacity to predict the future with absolute clarity. Secondly, the then incompetent interim management cadre conspired again with Mr Boltman as the chairperson of the council (governing body) and wrongly advised the council on a suspect investment deal with an insurance company. The relevant legal provisions, stipulated in the Regional Councils Act to guide investment decisions, were deliberately misinterpreted. In our opinion, they were supposed to observe the provisions of section 30, paragraph.3 to avoid unpopular decision-making. Causal effect of the poor investment decision has resulted in persistent annual budget planning and allocation of premium amounts exceeding N$100 000 every financial year. This amount or the implications of their decision would never equal a fraction of the Katrina curtain game. We even know the people who benefited from the kick-back. In pursuance of his financial quest or desire, the perpetual perfect and knowledgeable Boltman has proven to be imperfect in a perfect world. He went on unabatedly and hired a local audit firm to audit the accounting books of the Hardap Regional Council. In terms of the auditing process, the then chairperson of the council acted ultra vires against section 38 of the Regional Councils Act and appointed a private firm to audit the financial books of the regional council. His action and … personality overshadowed him and he forgot to act in the spirit of the Regional Tender Board regulations. According to the Treasury regulations of the State Finance Act, any amount exceeding N$10 000 is subjected to a tendering process. To our shock and dismay, the laws of our country have been once again dissented to advance self-interest at the expense of the broader impoverished public. There is financial evidence to the effect validating that the free financial services rendered by the office of the Auditor-General were overlooked to pocket a gigantic amount of N$80 000. Who are the people benefiting from the scam? Comrades, this amount will not match in proportional terms the N$2 000 expended by Katrina from her rightful furniture allowance. That’s why the sleepless wolves are crying foul as a political strategy to bury historical facts and events. By the way, did the office personnel obtain three quotations from furniture shops to purchase furniture for the governor from the cheapest retail outlets? Our source is of the opinion that no treasury rules were applied, but they cry crocodile tears when the governor acted on her own choice. Oubaas Boltman, the Namibian society in general and the electorate of Mariental Rural in particular demand the following clarification on monies allocated from the recurrent budget for development projects. Did you tell your servants about the exact amount allocated for the constituency through established development structures? As you know quite well as long-serving governor, the decentralization policy underpins participatory democracy and the practical meaning of the policy content must be felt by the grassroots. Maybe the grass germinates predominantly in black colour and forced you to select the white colour and consequently influenced your approach to preclude collective planning on regional challenges and constraints. To the discontent of the electorate you showed contempt and disrespect and acted unilaterally in identifying the allocation of funds and project ideas. Oubaas Boltman, was it really necessary and justifiable to invest from public funds a massive amount on private land or a farm on the borders of Botswana for the rehabilitation of a border fence? Our conscious and judgment tells us that your white fellow had the financial muscle to fix the fence as part of his routine farm schedule. Money supposed to be spent on the poor masses of Hoachanas, Stampriet and Aranos was decided otherwise to empower an already well-off previously advantaged individual. How would our government achieve policy outcomes in narrowing the income disparities between rich and poor? And especially, if practices of this nature occur from the highest office of the governor. Is this an acceptable practice equating corruption or not? This question is particularly addressed to the regular and tireless writers of the Katrina curtain debacle. Our comrades, an enormous amount of N$50 000 has been allocated on private property in the context of regional development. The biased white investigative journalists who apply selective moralities in reporting are sincerely implored upon to act promptly to uncover the name and owner of the farm. We are anxious to know the scale of the corruption and mismanagement engineered under Oubaas Boltman. In the aftermath of the recent flood, the white community opted to showcase their defying character towards Governor Hanse at a community meeting held in Mariental with the flood victims. They cherished themselves and provoked our leader in the middle of her speech and demanded to be addressed by the State President as the most suitable state representative. Incidents of this nature clearly demonstrate lack of understanding and vagueness of the political coordination that exists between national and regional governments. It’s high time to liberate themselves from their own fantasy world and involve themselves in mainstream politics. For your information, governors are the political agents of the central government and should fulfill their function and mandate as regional leaders. In simple language, they are the eyes and ears of the central government in the context of a unitary state. Let’s construct a hypothetical scenario: what would have been the general response of the white brothers and sisters, if Oubaas Boltman claimed, ‘ I am the president of this region. ‘ From our experience, we could pre-empt the answer knowing that no credible white person would have challenged or opposed his statement. Nonetheless, whether you accept or not, we the black majority who voted her into office fully subscribe to the statement uttered by Governor Hanse. Our beloved Governor, don’t be distracted and demoralized by misguided selfish individuals, who lack a socialism spirit. When necessary, make statements and force them to resort to their exclusive white media as a salvation. They can engage themselves in countless runs to white manipulated media, but will never succeed in stopping us from our political ideologies. This region and country will endlessly be ruled by blacks, and the whites will obey the rules. Cry for Truth