Woman Arrested for Drowning Her Kids


OSHAKATI Police in the Ohangwena Region yesterday arrested a 29-year-old woman accused of deliberately drowning her three minor children. The cause – their fathers were not providing financial support. The incident happened two days ago. Police spokesperson Constable Hilja Shikongo confirmed the tragic event that took place at Ohehonge Village near Epinga on Wednesday. The suspect has since been identified as Saima Amon. She later tried to commit suicide by jumping into the water but aborted the suicide mission and swam to safety. One of the victims Emilia Isai, 9, was so severely beaten before being thrown into the water that her eye came out of her skull. The girl was eventually overpowered and thrown into the water, after putting up a fight. The other two deceased are Paulus Shonghela, four years old and Frans Shonghela, who was only five months old. Constable Shilongo said the investigation is still continuing into the gruesome incident. Meanwhile, a 43-year-old woman was sentenced by the High Court here to eight years imprisonment, of which four years were suspended, for killing a seven-year-old girl Aina Reinhold in August 2003. The incident happened at Onathinge in the Oshikoto Region. According to the charge sheet, Aina Shipanga faces charges of murder and common assault, which resulted in the death of her niece who was entrusted to her for care by her brother. She allegedly assaulted the deceased with a stick until she collapsed. The victim died on her way to Onandjokwe Hospital. Sentencing Shipanga, Judge President Petrus Damaseb noted that the accused was a first offender who has been deserted by her husband and has three children of her own to look after, together with other five of her relatives. She was fined N$6 000, a herd of cattle and also paid for the coffin and other funeral expenses. All the said factors would serve as mitigating circumstances but Damaseb added that sending her to prison was unavoidable. Her suspended sentence was given on condition that she would not commit the same offence during the same period. Frieda Kishi represented Shipanga, while Sandra Muller prosecuted. The High Court is expected to wrap up its business today, after being in the region since April 18. About three cases of rape and 13 of murder were handled over the same period.