Feels It’s Still Like Colonial Times


I am a Kabila resident who knows much about the living standards of people living in Kabila and Havanna, especially Havanna 2. My concern is that people in the said locations are really suffering. I know our country is now 16 years after independence, but to me and my fellow people in Kabila and Havanna it seems to be still in colonial times. I am saying this because a lot of people do not have something to eat, some are even on ARV treatment, some children are undernourished, and some children cannot access education and health care. My question is: Where are the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Social Services, Ministry of Education? Are they ignoring/isolating their people of Kabila and Havanna locations? First let me comment about health care: The Ministry of Health was supposed to build the clinic in a desirable place which people from Kabila and Havanna can reach on time and the clinic must be affordable to all people. The second thing is about education: The Ministry of Education must build schools at a desirable place for Kabila and Havanna children, especially pre-primary schools so that all children shall have access to education without walking a long distance, and also affordable school fees. Many of the children are just in their houses with their parents because parents cannot afford to pay transport to take children to school plus school fees. The third point is that the Ministry of Labour, Social Services must make sure that the disabled, vulnerable, and orphans are provided with social services each and every month to help themselves, in Kabila and Havanna locations. The fourth point is that the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development must always make sure that vulnerable, orphans and people who can not help themselves are provided with drought relief food as they used to do it at the villages. I know at villages is where a lot of people got their crop farmers to cultivate and still get drought relief food, but the poor people in Windhoek do not have farmers to survive on but they do not even get the drought relief food, why? Are they not entitled to enjoy the fruits of this country as others? I know when it comes to election time, the ruling party is always making sure that all of us above 18 years cast our votes, but after election we are nothing and being forgotten, even that we at Kabila and Havanna are also part of this Namibian country. I hope it will be more helpful if our mentioned Ministers take themselves to Kabila and Havanna locations and also to other informal settlements, to see how their people are suffering but not to send some other people on their behalf. J.S. Ndaloloka P.0. Box 234 Katutura