Dismayed by Sam Khubis Story


Dear Sir The Sam Khubis Committee would like to bring it under your attention that we certainly do not appreciate the seemingly on purpose twisting of the words of the chairman of the organizing committee, Mr Jacky Britz, by Freddy Philander, in your newspaper of 8 May 2006. We are utterly disappointed in the unprofessional and indeed irresponsible manner in which he fuelled racial hatred between the Basters and the Namas. We are sick and tired of people trying to brand the Basters as troublemakers and racists. We would like to make it categorically clear that Sam Khubis is a religious cultural day and there is no place for political opportunism and the misuse of it for cheap political sensation. Furthermore, we want to make it categorically clear that; a) It is a fact that from 22 April 1915 until 8 May 2006 the Rehoboth Basters were at war with the Germans. b) It is a fact that some Namas paid with their lives during this war. c) It is a fact that each year, by means of radio programs and the program of Sam Khubis we emphasize the involvement of the Namas during this war and give credit to that as well as the good relationship with them. d) It is a historical fact that there were a lot of wars between them. e) It is a fact that Nama leaders, in the past were invited as guests to the commemoration of Sam Khubis. It is not the case that Hettie Rose-Junius should have reminded us of that. She was not aware of it. f) It is also a fact that each year we invited everybody to commemorate with us this day as long as they pay the necessary respect and it is a blatant lie that it is exclusively for the Basters and your journalist Fifi Rhodes and others can confirm it. (See New Era of 10 May 2006). g) It is also a historical fact that Sam Khubis is a Rehoboth Baster cultural day and nobody can change that. We would also like to extend a word of thanks and appreciation to Fifi Rhodes and his colleague for the true version of Sam Khubis in your newspaper of the 9th and 10th of May. This is the product of first hand experience and the opposite of the article of Freddy Philander. Fifi, thank you, for a job well done. We are of the opinion that the article of Freddy did a lot of harm to the good name of Sam Khubis and the Basters in general and that such reporting is not in line with the spirit of reconciliation. We therefore request your office to see to it that he rectifies it. Yours truly Sam Khubis Committee 062 522859