Actresses ‘Too Tired’ to Show


By Petronella Sibeene WINDHOEK Mexican actresses Sylvia Navarro and Anette Michel were again a disappointment yesterday after they refused to come out of their hotel rooms to fulfil scheduled events, leaving organisers frustrated. Yesterday, the two were scheduled to visit NamDeb, the diamond giant after they initially expressed interest to purchase some precious stones. Consequently NamDeb, one of the sponsors of their four-day stay in the country, prepared to welcome the stars of “When You Are Mine” but to their dismay, the visitors did not pitch for the event. Similarly, there was another arrangement where Women’s Action for Development (WAD) would have a short session lasting a maximum of 15 minutes with the two actresses at the Windhoek Country Club where they were accommodated. But to everyone’s surprise, Navarro who portrays Paloma and Michel who acts as Barbara refused to come out of their rooms. Efforts to convince them that the session would not take long proved fruitless as the two Mexicans through an interpreter maintained that they were too tired and their wish was to fly back home to Mexico. WAD officials with some of the women who have become empowered through this organisation waited for close to two hours as the interpreter tried to convince the celebrities to at least accord the fans outside a single photo opportunity but still this failed to convince them. They indicated they would stay in their rooms and the only time they would get out would be when they were on their way to the airport for their flight. “It could be that they are tired considering that they are coming from other countries. Having so many people…” stated the organiser. The two actresses visited Seychelles before going to the Zambian capital Lusaka on a similar tour. On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people were left in limbo after paying N$25 for tickets from the NBC for a photo session with the stars but only a few were able to have pictures taken with the stars because they were late. After being late for a photo session, the two deserted the photo shoot leaving hundreds stranded with N$25 tickets. Frustrated fans demanded a refund and threatened to take action against the organisers of the aborted event. Claudia Ikela, the General Manager at NBC confirmed that the actresses failed to turn up at NamDeb. She could not elaborate on this because the “NBC had nothing to do with it”. New Era understands that the arrangement to visit NamDeb was made at a dinner attended by the two celebrities with NamDeb’s Managing Director, Inge Zaamwani who also graced the occasion. Ikela also dismissed allegations that there was “confusion” at NBC on Wednesday afternoon where the public was to take pictures with Paloma and Barbara. “We refunded those who did not have the opportunity within 20 minutes after the session stopped.” According to her, there were about 50 people who were unable to pose for photos with the actresses. She added that the selling of tickets was not done with the intention to gain profit but merely to accord Namibians an opportunity to have photographs taken with the television stars. The two were expected to leave for Mexico last night.