About the Power of art


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK A passionate plea for understanding and recognising the importance of the transforming power of art to the Namibian people was made on Tuesday night during the opening of an exceptionally high quality solo exhibition. This plea to the public came from the Permanent Secretary of the ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, dr Pein-geondjabi Shipo when he introduced his minister John Mutorwa as the keynote speaker at Papa Shikongeni’s last Namibian exhibition. “To fulfil its mission as both a gallery and an art museum, the National Gallery of Namibia will continue to rely on the power of art with a humanitarian and educational purpose. It is open to help Namibian art audiences to discover, understand and experience new horizons of visual freedom an innovation offered by all the diverse culture that shape and give colour to our identity as Na-mibians,” dr Peingeondjabi Shipo reemphasized the role of the institution as of national and regional significance. He lyrically cited Shikongeni’s exhibition as one from the most enterprising international artist currently operating in the country since Independence. “Art is the foundation of ideas to new designs, industries and productions of which this exhibition is another testimony of the gallery’s purpose to become a meeting place for people and ideas,” the PS said.