Some Advice for a Local Daily


Allow me to comment on Namibia’s top stories making news and capturing people’s attention. Starting with Namibia’s controlled approach on the so-called paparazzi which should be applauded, because if such people are not tied to a leash then we might be faced with a Diana-type unfortunate ending chased by the same kind of human beings. Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula and Erongo Governor Nuuyoma are doing a good job in making such visitors welcome and safe – as provided for within the rule of law. Should such paparazzi want a photo shoot or interview, it’s best they use acceptable and civilized methods or go packing. Because if anything goes wrong, it will be our government which will be held accountable and made to look ‘ugly”- thinking an African country could not protect such publicized personalities. As it stands today, Namibia has within the entertainment industry found a spot in all gossip magazines, television and newspapers around the world – pertaining to the “super-stars” Brad Pitt and mother-in-waiting Angelina Jolie, with their newly adopted kids in Namibia. Therefore, it’s only fair and well to make Namibia provide a home and place for peace and harmony by visiting dignitaries in their different capacities. Indeed, a job well done! Now coming to Namibia’s top media outlet caught in a fight of words – nothing is embarrassing and demeaning as the argument and cheap talk put across. New Era and The Namibian are Namibia’s pride – the top media outlets having a responsibility to a nation that has being supportive of their existence over the years. And acting irrationally and jumping down each other’s throats won’t do anyone any good. New Era has done a superb and wonderful performance up until now – so The Namibian. But for The Namibian to use New Era as a springboard in launching its attacks directed on government is unfair and doesn’t make sense. If The Namibian has a case with government – why not straighten their case than finding a scapegoat to tie their case with. The “ban” on The Namibian was not done by New Era nor incited/engineered by them – therefore The Namibian should approach such subject from a professional perspective in contesting that “ban”. Namibia has avenues to challenge such allegations without resorting to unnecessary name-calling and insults. My advice to The Namibian is to take the legal course or simply accept the status quo. And drawing Nangolo Mbumba in such argument is equally un-intelligent and somehow playing “the divide and rule” dirty cards. Mbumba was not the individual on whom The Namibian should have counted upon – because it was not a decision solely made by him, but a decision made by government. Even expecting His Excellency President Pohamba to undo what our former President Nujoma did – without presenting the case in a more respectful and positive attitude, then we mighty as well be burying ‘our’ own grave. As was the case in Botswana where government had “banned” advertising in one of the top rated media outlets in that country, but the issue received attention in a court of law and a decision was found. Why can’t The Namibian do the same thing? If such a highly rated national newspaper resorts to below-the-belt tactics – then what lessons are taught to Namibia’s upcoming journalists and youth. Or should personal interest override public concerns? Tender or no tender, how could The Namibian have submitted their application without first resolving the stumbling block already in place? The “ban”! Saying The Namibian should know better “two wrongs don’t make a right” – give New Era room to breathe and settle the dispute with our government in a more responsible manner. Mulife Muchali Vancouver, Canada