Protest Letter Mars NUNW Congress


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK The Mine Workers Union of Namibia (MUN) forwarded a memorandum of protest to the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) on Sunday during the federation’s congress, expressing dissatisfaction with the procedures followed at the gathering. In the memorandum of protest signed by the MUN president Andries Eiseb and its general secretary Bro Hengari, the third largest affiliate of the NUNW claims that they are of the opinion that decisions taken by the Congress were not honoured and was not in line with the NUNW constitution. The memorandum of protest further claims that delegates’ credentials were not checked and verified as per constitutional requirements thus allowing unions not in good standing to partake in the decision-making process. Hengari told New Era yesterday that it became clear during the congress that some affiliates were not in good standing and records reflected that they only paid their dues for the last three months in order to participate in the congress. The MUN further alleges that the vote of no-confidence constituted against the former NUNW president Risto Kapenda was bulldozed as the congress allowed delegates not in good standing to vote on the issue. The MUN further noted that they were very much concerned about the continued denials of the unions in good standing to air their views. Hengari added that the MUN was concerned that decisions taken by the congress on Saturday, such as allowing former secretary general Peter Naholo to give his side of the story and to overrule the standing rules set up by the central committee were ignored, and also pointing to the removal of Kapenda as chairman of the congress. The MUN was however quick to add that they are not pro-Naholo nor against the central committee decisions but only want the principles of equal opportunity and fairness to be applied. “This is to ascertain that the delegates who will go to the ballot to elect the next leadership will have a clear and objective frame of mind.” The NUNW secretary general Evalistus Kaaronda confirmed that the congress did receive the memorandum of protest but the chairman did not read it because the congress did not deem it important. He added that he is fully confident that all the unions were in good standing and that was even confirmed by the treasurer during congress. Kaaronda also added that memorandum of protest was the view of only some individuals within MUN because other MUN office-bearers were not even aware of it. This was confirmed by the deputy secretary general Jonas Lumbu who said he was happy with the proceedings at the congress and was not aware of the protest letter.

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