Hide and seek!


Neville Basson My heartfelt condolences go to Sandy Tjitendero and family at the loss of our former Speaker Dr MosÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚© Tjitendero. I’m still working through the shock of hearing of his untimely death. Tate MosÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚©, I know you are seeing me from where you are now … thankx for making me feel the ultimate comedian when I entertained you at a function about a month ago. You looked so happy next to your lovely wife – never thought it would be the last time I would be sharing your company. Rest in peace. Okay, a lot of you people out there in Swakopmund are probably still figuring out how you could get close to Brangelina! I am seriously not convinced for one second that these people could be in Swakop all this time. These are Americans; they should have all kinds of James Bond gadgets to evade the Special field force! I have my own secret service in place at Langstrand but these idiots still can’t seem to get a picture of Brangelina. Can you imagine what a picture like that would bring me in the pocket? A picture like that can’t go for less than US$10 000! I could entertain a couple of girls from Khomasdal for a week! I am not stupid Bran-gelina, we’ll find you. Let’s look at a few places where these two lovebirds could in fact be hiding out: Epupa falls: This white boy who said the world would come to an end probably got to Brangelina! They might be there still thinking the world would have come to an end yesterday. Guys, please come back now, it’s Friday the 28th! Taliban hotel and bar: With a name like this you can only find it in either Ondangwa or Oshakati! Nobody would expect Brangelina there so check out for some shebeen owner who refused to serve any regular customers this past week. I personally don’t think they would be able to live too long on e-kaka, oshikundu and rubber chicken! “Sing-era”: This is the old Single quarters in Katutura for you people who can’t read Katutura english. Chances are that comrade Hadino is showing them the true taste of goulash over an open fire. Brad, if you read this please … don’t burn your forearms at the fire! Star Hotel: A lot of coloureds are hoping that Brangelina would give their child a Khomasdal name since all her children look very “Enrico/Jennifer”-like! Please, if somebody spots them at the Star hotel in Khomasdal, please warn them, their children might pick up vocabulary like “jou ma sa … ” which she might not understand! Gobabis: If they managed to book themselves into a hotel there, lets hope Brad won’t get involved in some bar fight thinking Super 14 rugby is American football! People, if you happen to see Brad there warn him of the Koos Kombius fan club! If you manage to take a picture of them, please forward it to me … uh… I’ll do the negotiations further, dankie! Mbye mbye.