The Devil Is Happy


Please allow me some space in your newspaper to air my views on the present denominational intolerance raising its ugly head in our country. There could be other incidences but the media widely covered the recent unfortunate incidents in the Roman Catholic Church (Khomasdal congregation) and the African Methodist Episcopal Church (expulsion of two clergy and their relatives). This letter is ignited by the unfortunate decision by daughters of a staunch AME old lady, who have not honoured the video-recorded death wish of their mother to be buried by AME clergy of her choice from the AME Church. From whatever angle you look at this, the Devil is celebrating that more Christians are getting confused by the evil works of his handymen and women here on earth. For heaven’s sake, the African Methodist Episcopal Church does not need publicity – it has a track record in the Ecumenical annals of independent Namibia that she has stood with other denominations alongside the SWAPO Party for the total liberation of our motherland. The AME Church’s prophetic voice has been heard in all corners of this country and beyond, proclaiming the liberating and reconciling Gospel of Jesus. Our name is unique to our origin, our polity, our beliefs and our identity, and hence, we view those copying our name as furthering the name of our denomination. The name New AME Church is no different from the name Ebenezer AME or St Peter’s AME Church, and we thus take pride in the fact that those we expelled are still so proud of our name, our origin, our polity, our beliefs and our identity. Our members are not confused as to past, present and future, and no copycat-syndrome will confuse the members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Until such time that people leave out our name and identity, denominational tolerance and worship sharing will be impossible with those we have expelled from the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Disciplined AME Member Windhoek