Open Letter to Rev. Frans Kapofi


Chief Industrial Relations Officer NBC Re: Unhappiness At Workplace It is with deep concern that we are writing this letter to you. We as riggers have been working with Mr Ulf Storm since 1996. The working environment has now become a great area of discomfort as disrespect, insults and vulgarism, from our ‘supervisor’, is now the order of the day at the workplace. We can no longer take these insults, and to avoid the situation deteriorating further we want your office to intervene as soon as possible; or to find an alternative solution to this problem. We have deep regard towards workmanship. That workmanship is manifested by our comradeship over the past years we have been working together as rig- gers. That also led us to develop a common language that we all as riggers are now using as a means of communication- Fanacalau. This street language has become our mother tongue wherever we are. That is clear testimony of our excellent working relationship and trust we have built amongst ourselves over the past years. We are months away from our homes and no one amongst us came back with a dent/scar, but always with a smile. It is now disturbing that the peace and harmony we have being enjoying as riggers for the past years is now about to be destroyed by one single figure who is, above all, supposed to be our supervisor. While we were in Tsumkwe and Gam, Mr Storm never intermixed with us. According to him, ‘He is white and we are blacks’. So he cannot stay with us. At Epukiro he came there after we completed our part of the assignment. We could not complete the task because he misplaced material we were supposed to use to complete the task. When he arrived there and realized that the work was not done as supposed to he started insulting us saying that we did nothing rather than fiddling with our penises. How can we work with such a person as our supervisor? During November last year while we were working at the tower in Gobabis, Mr Storm arrived there and one of our colleagues asked how we should proceed. His answer was that we should ask our boss with short hair; maybe referring to Mr Murangi. We can’t take this any longer. We do not want him as our supervisor. We hope your office will take drastic steps in addressing this issue. Yours for a better NBC All the Riggers