Anti-Corruption Body Must Grow!


At first I would like to congratulate our government for keeping its promises alive and its recently launched anti-corruption campaign. I hope every Namibian will blow a whistle on corruption as ordered by our President. The idea that I’m having is that we as Namibians need to organize ourselves and work together as one team in a peaceful country. Therefore, we need this Anti-corruption Commission to be extended in the future; for example, we need to make it like a full office where we need to employ more personnel. These people they need to run also the recruitment in all government ministries, departments and parastatals. The reason why I’m saying this is because I visited different departments, mostly government departments, where I found that the recruitment was not done fairly because the department which is being run by a Wambo as the head, everyone in that office is just speaking Oshiwambo and the other office which is being run by a Damara/Nama, everyone was just speaking Damara/Nama and the other one run by a Herero, everyone was just speaking Herero, so I think the Anti-Corruption Commission must be tasked with this type of work to select potential candidates for the positions in different departments in our government – each department needs to send their applications to the Anti-Corruption Commission for final selection of their candidates, I think by doing this our government will run an equal and efficient service for the nation. This happens also in private companies and retailers. I remember one day I went in a big shop, and because I cannot speak English, I wanted something but when I asked to be referred to a fellow tribe of mine there was not even a single one and later I was referred to the manager which I also found him as the same tribe, then it’s where I recall that so how! This is corruption, people at companies are also doing the same things. Please fellow Namibians, let’s stop this tendency. Otto Iithete