High Court Shifts to North


By William J. Mbangula Oshakati – Three cases of rape and thirteen of murder, including the one in which a suspect is accused of having paraded the lifeless head of his victim at cuca shops last year, will be heard by the High Court during its month-long session here. Public Prosecutor Sandra Muller confirmed to New Era that the Judge President of Namibia Petrus Damaseb will preside over the cases. Muller will be prosecuting. The court session is expected to run from 18 April to 12 May. One of the most shocking murder cases to be heard involves a 33-year-old man, Joseph Hakoonde Ngoya, who is facing charges of murder and violation of a dead body. It is alleged that Ngoya killed Elias Kahandja Shoombe, 57, on September 3, 2005 at Ongumi village in the Eenhana district of Ohangwena. The duo allegedly met in the bush whereupon Ngoya attacked the deceased because he had long suspected him of having a love affair with his wife. The victim was overpowered and killed on the spot. His head was allegedly cut off by Ngoya and paraded at cuca shops in a plastic bag where he reportedly showed it to the people and asked them whether they knew the deceased. Ngoya is in police custody.