The Golden Hour


MATJAVI Neville Basson Asseblief tog people in Swakopmund, the naparazzi (Namibian paparazzi) leave Angelina and Brad alone, okay? How would you feel if people were following you around when you are having a good time with your kamborroto, huh? I mean, uh it would not be nice if we would start talking about you and your kamborroto if you just wanna spend some time with each other, okay? Ja nee, you people have mos now another problem with the time change again, huh! You see, I have no problem with “Sam se tyd”; in fact I just love the fact that I can sleep for another hour in the mornings. After so many years of “Sam se tyd” there are still people out there who get so confused on where we are now concerning the time – are we ahead, or behind, or what? Pleassssee people! The clock was set back an hour, okay? That means you have an hour to do whatever you feel like doing, okay? Can you just imagine how much you can actually do with one more hour even though the sun sets much quicker now? Let’s look at a few things that you can do with that “golden hour”. With that one more hour your woman cannot deny you that “stukkie” that she always promised you! This thing they keep on telling you every morning that “honey, there’s no time” is nonsense! There you have an hour now! With that extra hour you can look through your children’s homework that you could not screen through last night when you came home from work. Your children will also appreciate that hour tremendously – one more hour of Cartoon Network before they go to school might just lift their spirits. I cannot guarantee how that would actually help your kids; uh, well, but you see just do it okay, like Nike! With that hour you could finally start that long awaited gym/aerobic workout that you have been dodging now for so long. Get your tackies and g-strings out and hit that punching bag or treadmill with everything you got baby! By the time you go to work at 09h00 aaaii sorry I mean at 08h00 you will be so fresh. Sorry, don’t forget to take a shower after that, and add a bit of Moondrops (Herero powder) just to smell nawa, okay? If there are any people owing you money, it’s a good time to drive to their houses and look for your “ching”. There’s no way that they would be able to say that they had difficulty getting hold of you throughout the day, you see! You even have the option of beating them up in bed if they are still lying on their backs once you get there. Clean the yard for that hour, with all the sport over weekends you “will not have time” anyway to do this! After that your woman will start talking to you again! These are just a few tips you could follow to make the next six months worthwhile. Who cares about Egoli anyway, huh? If you start watching Egoli in September Stefan Ludik would still be playing his guitar in a bar anyway! Mbye mbye!