About the Age of Majority


Farayi Munyuki Mobutu Sese Seko, when he was still in power allowed his ministers to have mistresses – several mistresses – so that they could work in peace and harmony. Some Zairean ministers exploited this and ended up with several “wives”. To date, this is still being practiced. This week since the publication of my last column on top police officers being charged with serious crimes, I had a visit from one of those I mentioned who wanted to put the record straight. He vehemently denied that he had anything to do with the death of a schoolgirl. He also said she was not a minor but an adult. He had papers from the inquest court, which took place following the death of that girl. The court cleared him. On the question of the age of the girl, he insisted that the girl was an adult and not a minor. He had affidavits from the bishop of the church that baptized her and he insisted that she was of age and not a minor as stated in my column. He also produced another affidavit from some of the relatives of the girl to show that she was an adult. On the question of the fraud, where he is accused of milking money from the medical aid, he showed that his wife who passed away had left some money and by virtue that he was the legal husband he had legal custody to his children and denies that he had anything to do with fraud. He also brought papers from the University Salary Department showing that he is paying medical aid fees every month for his family. This column offered him an opportunity to make a thorough explanation of what actually happened. He was later asked to resign from his post, according to papers from the Cabinet. He insists that he was never tried and found guilty. And this week another senior police officer left the force for reasons which were not clearly specified. It does appear that the force has problems at the top which urgently need some attention. The police force is one of the five pillars of a government that must be protected and nurtured. Government policies and laws can only be respected and implemented if the force stands firm. The public will only respect it if the top is seen to be clean and keeps the rot out of its top. Of course Mobutu Sese Seko is not running Namibia, where he would make laws to suit those at the top of the echelon.