Birth of Black Economic Consciousness


All ideas in the course of history that created dramatic changes in the human world were just small ideas emanating from the minds of ordinary people. It did not need high technology or higher education to come up with some good, original ideas. Today we know we are fortunate to have in our time the idea of ‘black economic consciousness’. Black economic consciousness is an idea that is certain to turn the black continent around and make it turn into the right direction. With BEC we are to break the umbilical cord extended since the times of colonialism where despite Africa’s wealth in natural resources and human labour the continent continues to suffer from hunger and underdevelopment. BEC means that we are going to have to take full responsibility as individuals and as nations for our survival. We are not going to insult our intelligence and sell our dignity by going around the streets of the international community with begging bowls. We are going to create complete freedom from hunger, poverty, ignorance and diseases for the present and the future. And to make this revolution possible we have establihed the movement, the Black Economic Consciousness of Namibia (BECN). The objectives of the organisation are as follows: – To conscientise the people in order to rid themselves of the shackles that bind them to perpetual poverty. – To operate as an organised movement fighting against the concentration of economic power in the hands of the white Namibians and the elite black western-educated individuals. – To devise plans and strategies to work towards Vision 2030 and along the way ensure economic liberation of the majority of the people of Namibia. -To conscientise the people, for them to see the iniquities of the economic anomaly inherent in the present economic system and for them to be able to grapple meaningfully and realistically with their economic problems. – To liven up the people’s spirit, for them not to accept poverty and hardship as a way of life. – To defeat the masses’ psychological feelings of inferiority in the economic arena, in order to boost the morale of indigenous entrepreneurs. -To actively fight against the exploitation of our people by the established institutions and powerful individuals. – To fight for justice, equality and fairness in all social, legal and economic structures of Namibia. – To introduce to the nation, and the world, an alternative economic system (Africanism). With BEC we are giving ourselves a mammoth task to perform. It is a huge responsibility we are placing on our shoulders. Freedom is not complete unless there is economic freedom. It is only us who can free ourselves. Political freedom was fought for: no doubt economic freedom will have to be fought for. This is the beginning of a long difficult journey. With determination to work hard, concentration on the goal and the desire to create the necessary change, nothing and nobody can prevent us from attaining the envisioned goals of Vision 2030. Glenn F. Evenson Executive Secretary Black Economic Consciousness of Namibia (BECN) Walvis Bay