Three Might Have Drowned


By William Mbangula OSHAKATI Three people who were reported missing since last week are believed to have drowned in the Okatjali constituency. The Councillor for Okatjali, Joseph Mupetami, confirmed the matter but referred this newspaper to the Oshana Regional Council for further details. He said due to the magnitude of the matter it is now being handled at the regional level. Oshana Regional Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa confirmed that three people from Okatjali constituency were reported missing to him. They are Alma Abner from Onaame who went missing on March 20, Pedro Kamanya (22) from Oniipa reported as missing on March 24, and Veino Kathoko from Onayena who was last seen on March 21. All of them were last seen crossing floodwaters when they disappeared. The governor says the matter has been reported to the police who so far have failed to recover the bodies due to the high level of the water. The police assured him that divers would be requested from Windhoek. Police spokesperson in the Oshana Region, Constable Christina Fonsech, said the matter is still under investigation.