Water Level Retards Repair Work


By William Mbangula OSHAKATI The District Manager of the Roads Authority (RA) Silas Themba says his company is not in a position at the moment to repair the damaged roads between Epalela-Onesi and Onesi-Olupaka in the Omu-sati Region because the water level is still too high and strong for any repair work to be done. Themba told New Era that the incident was reported to him by the Councillor of Onesi, Phillemon Jatileni, and he immediately visited the site on Wednesday, March 22. ” The speed and manner in which the water is running can be fairly compared with that of the Mariental flood, hence we are not able at the moment to repair the road,” he said. Themba, whose jurisdiction in the RA covers Oshivelo (Oshikoto Region) to Kunene, noted that most damage has been recorded about five kilometres from Epalela to Onesi and about four kilometres from the Onesi-Olupaka T-junction. Onesi councillor Jatileni when he spoke to New Era on Friday, said the water was still running fast and heavy from Olwaadhiya dam into Etaka pan. Some of the floodwater was caused by heavy rains recently while others were floodwaters from Angola through the Onesi-Olupaka T-junction.