Doctor Testifies at Kandara Inquest


By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The fatal bullet entered the body of the late Avid Investment Corporation Chief Executive Officer Lazarus Kandara at 30 degrees through the chest bone and left the body through the lower back. This piece of information was the testimony of Doctor Gonzales Gonzales on Friday when he took the stand in the ongoing inquest into the death of Kandara at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court. Gonzales, who did the post-mortem on the body of Kandara who died seven months ago, noted that it was clear that the shot came from close range because gunpowder could be detected on the clothes Kandara was wearing. The doctor, who gave his testimony in Spanish however made an interesting revelation when he said that the angle at which the bullet entered the body was relatively high and only people who have sufficient time to commit suicide could achieve this. The piece of evidence raised a few eyebrows because according to an earlier statement by the police last year, Kandara pointed the gun at the policemen before turning it on himself in a matter of seconds. Although Gonzales is not a ballistic expert, he also noted that there was no gunpowder found on the hands of Kandara. “It is not definite that there will always be gunpowder on the hands of a person who fires a firearm.” He added that it depends on the kind of firearm the person uses and with revolvers there is usually gunpowder, while it is difficult to detect it with a pistol. The court also was shown the bloodstained clothes Kandara was wearing during the final minutes of his life. He was wearing a red sweater, blue T-shirt, cream/white pyjama pants and brown leather sandals. Gonzales was the only witness to testify and the proceedings were adjourned until this morning. Although the inquest has almost run for a week and 10 people have testified so far, many answers still remain unanswered. Did Kandara commit suicide or was he killed? If he committed suicide, how did he get hold of the gun? Were the police negligent in carrying out their duties? These are some of the main questions the inquest is expected to answer. So far Kandara’s wife Christophine, her two sisters, Kandara’s sister and her husband are the family members who have given their testimony. Advocate Gerson Hinda, who is the legal counsel for the Kandara family, Dirk Conradie and Lucius Murorua are the lawyers who also gave their testimony last week. Public Prosecutor Petrus Grushaber is representing the state, while magistrate Maria Mahalie is overseeing the proceedings in Court C. The inquest is open to the media and family members but closed to the public.