Young Woman Brutally Killed


By William J. Mbangula OSHAKATI A 22-year-old woman was brutally killed at Uuvudhiya by an Angolan suspect who later committed suicide. Police Acting Regional Commander in Oshana Chief Inspector Golden Naanda confirmed the incident which happened on Monday, March 20 at a cattle post in the Uuvudhiya constituency. According to information received, the suspect, only known as Victor, was a cattle herder near the place where the victim, Saveria Kawiwa Alfeus, a resident of Oshipumbu village, was hired as a mahangu field worker. The suspect came to the room of the victim and allegedly tried to rape her. Apparently after failing the rape attempt, he attacked her with a panga and slit her throat open. She died instantly. The suspect went back to his place and hanged himself. Oshana police also reported a fire incident in which two elderly women died after their hut caught fire. The deceased are Albertina Hidina (80) and Selma Shamena (65) from Ohakweenyanga village near Ongwediva. They were buried yesterday. In the Omusati Region the police spokesperson Sergeant Linekela Shikongo told New Era that the Road between Onesi and Epalela has been swept away by rain. As a result many road users are now at risk if they happen to use this road which is cut off from the Uukolonkadhi district. “As I am speaking to you now we are standing at the roadside where the damage has occurred,” said Shikongo He was visiting the site with Omusati Police Regional Commander Deputy Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa.