NamWater Top Brass Tours Erongo


By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK A high-level Namwater delegation led by Chief Executive Officer Dr Vaino Shivute is currently touring the Erongo Region and Walvis Bay in particular to address the prevailing water problems at the town. The delegation, which left on Wednesday this week, will be in the area until the end of today in order to come up with strategies to address the water situation at the harbour town. The delegation consists of the Senior Manager of the Erongo Region Leopalt Niipare, Area Manager Erwin Shiluama, General Manager of Finance Peter Carlson, Engineering General Manager Kuiri Tjipangandjara, General Manager of Water Supply Arno Du Plessis, Senior Manager of Maintenance Sebastian Husselmann and Manager of Corporate Communications John Shigwedha. Confirming the tour to New Era yesterday, Public Relations Officer Tommi-Riva Numbala said that it was undertaken in light of the heavy rains the country has recently received this season, which ultimately resulted in the flooding of the Kuiseb River that damaged the Namwater pumps. “The pumps situated right in the middle of the Kuiseb River are also flooded in the rainy season. The water is supplied to Walvis Bay through these pumps by poles through the use of electricity,” explained Numbala. These pipes normally pump 12 000 cubic meters of water to the harbour town on a daily basis. As a result from the time the problem arose, the residents of Walvis Bay had to make do with water rationing during certain hours of the day. At one stage in January, the Mile 7 Reservoir was dry because of the interrupted water supply to the town. Reports have been that the massive flow of water to the sea severely affected the electrical infrastructure and pumps of the water poles situated in the riverbed. During the first ordeal about 40 water pipes were knocked down by the floods, causing some reservoirs to completely dry up. Namwater sent a maintenance team down to the site to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, the Municipality of Walvis Bay has been encouraging residents of the harbour town to use water sparingly. “Presently, the water pressure is very low due to the fact that Namwater is in the process of repairing the water pumps in the Rooibank area,” reads a municipality statement. It was also not clear for how long residents of the harbour town would endure the low water pressure as Namwater was working around the clock to “reduce and limit inconveniences to the minimum”, read the statement further. After having inspected the pumps at the Kuiseb River in the Rooibank area yesterday and holding discussions with the authorities of the Walvis Bay Municipality, the Namwater delegation will be heading to Omdel Dam site near Henties bay and also have talks with the Arandis municipality officials today. It is expected that upon their return today, the delegation will compile a comprehensive report for the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Dr Nickey Iyambo on the assessment of the Walvis Bay water situation, to be handed in some time next week.