Why No New Era at Arandis?


Allow me space in your daily newspaper New Era to raise my concern on an issue which is deeply affecting the small community of Arandis. In the past, New Era was daily distributed in Arandis but all of a sudden the newspaper completely disappeared in the local shops where it was sold to the public, for reasons unknown to the community. In order to read New Era one has to travel 10 kilometres to Swakopmund. Here you are charged N$20.00 in transport fares and all together it’s N$40.00 just to buy a copy of New Era costing N$2.00. In Arandis, residents have access to only two daily newspapers such as The Namibian and Die Republikein. What more about New Era? If you travel to towns in the Erongo region such as Omaruru, Karibib, Usakos, Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, New Era is readily available in many local shops, except Arandis. Arandis town is a getaway to the two major coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and one cannot understand this because geographically Arandis is before Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. All print media have different styles of reporting and don’t normally report on the same issue. This is why it is important to read different types of newspapers to stay informed, and for improved grammar and vocabulary. I for one have reading as one of my greatest passions and by reading New Era I get that pleasure, particularly Friday’s columns by Farayi Munyuki, Neville Basson and John Ekongo. Thank you James Likando Arandis

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