Nursing Shortage but Ignoring Potential Recruits?


I would like to contribute to the topic about Namibian nurses being overworked and Kenyan nurses being contracted for two years because of the shortage of nurses in Namibia. First of all, I would agree with the Minister of Health and Social Services Honourable Richard Kamwi that our nurses are overworked and that we have a shortage of nurses within the ministry. I have witnessed the situation myself as a home based care volunteer of the Namibian Red Cross Society. The Namibian Red Cross Society has trained their volunteers for one month – two weeks’ theoretical training at their headquarters and two weeks’ practical training at Katutura and Central hospitals respectively. This training was also conducted by the RMT of the Ministry in collaboration with the Namibian Red Cross Society. After our trainings we started working in the catchment areas. The Ministry of Health and Social Services has however asked the Namibian Red Cross to avail some of its home based care volunteers to apply for bursaries to study as nurses and some of us applied because we wanted to work for the people and serve our country but to our surprise only two volunteers were taken and sent to Onandjokwe Hospital for training. We understand that we might not have the subjects required and the points but we have the ability, willingness and the spirit and we have been doing the job and were eager to work as nurses. We even went to the health-training centre next to the Old TB Hospital to get some application forms but with no success. If we are given the chance and the opportunity to present ourselves we would be good nurses for the Land of the Brave and we will work for our people because we became volunteers to work for the people – please Honourable listen to our voices and help us to help others because we are available to be trained as future nurses for a better tomorrow in order to communicate with our patients in their mother tongues. Concerned Volunteer

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