SSC’s Green Guilty


By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The suspended General Manager of Finance and Administration at the Social Security Commission (SSC) Avril Green was found guilty on all charges put to him yesterday in the capital by an independent disciplinary committee. Green’s defence lawyer, Richard Metcalfe confirmed that the chairperson of the disciplinary committee Nate Ndauendapo delivered his judgement to the initiator of the disciplinary hearing Norman Tjombe. He would on Friday morning give his recommendation on the appropriate sanction against Green. Metcalfe confirmed the judgement to New Era but vowed that the case will be heading to the labour court. “Rest assured that we will definitely be going to the labour court with this matter.” He noted that he would be making his submissions in mitigation Friday morning at the disciplinary hearing. The charges against Green were very similar to those of his former boss Tuli Hive-luah, who opted to resign before his disciplinary hearing. The charges against the suspended GM come exclusively from his involvement in the ill-fated N$30-million investment with Avid Investment Corporation. Some of the charges on the charge sheet were gross negligence, gross insubordination, poor performance, dereliction of duty and having exceeded his powers and duties when he “wrongly and unlawfully” transferred the N$30 million of SSC funds to a little known investment outfit, Avid Investment Corporation. The first charge against Green was that he “neglected to ensure the safety of the funds of the SSC when he unlawfully and wrongfully caused the transfer of N$30 million of the funds of the Commission to Avid Investment on January 21, 2005, purportedly to be invested with or by Avid Investment Corporation”. The second major charge was that he “ignored and disregarded the lawful and reasonable directives, instructions and decisions of the Commission, which required that no investment of funds of the Commission shall be made with any asset managers”. Green was also charged with poor performance, for failing to perform his duties and functions in a proper manner as required by the Social Security Act and his employment contract when he unlawfully and wrongfully caused the transfer of the N$30 million. The final charge against him is that he wrongfully and unlawfully exceeded his powers and functions when he unlawfully and wrongfully caused the transfer of N$30 million of the Com-mission’s funds to Avid Investment Corporation. The SSC said that the unlawful and wrongful actions caused the Commission to suffer financial losses and damage to its reputation and image. The disciplinary hearing against Green dragged on for some time because of the many witnesses that were called to testify.

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