Namibian Education Exchange Strengthened


By Dennis Fredericks Dawid Bezuidenhout High School is part of a an environment online project in Finland. The project is a global web school on environmental awareness. Four environmental themes are studied on a weekly basis within a school year about the social, cultural and sustainable way of living. Schools from Africa were recently invited to attend a school twinning meeting in Joensuu, Finland, to strengthen the co-operation between institutions in Finland and from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. Dawid Bezuidenhout established a partnership with Liperi Secondary School in Liperi. Schools had to make presentations about their schools, environmental projects and their respective countries. The first presentation was held at the University of Joensuu. This was a public seminar on environmental activities such as environmental issues, visits to schools, University of Joensuu, city councils, snow skiing, fishing and skiing on the frozen lake Pielinen, visiting Nature Centre Ukko and a visit to the Finnish Forest Research Centre. The trip was sponsored by the Finnish Embassy in Namibia.

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