More Aid for Mariental


By Petronella Sibeene WINDHOEK A truck carrying goods to be distributed to the Mariental flood victims from the International Federation of Red Cross arrived here last Friday. According to Secretary General of Namibia Red Cross Society Razia Essack-Kauaria, the truck delivered 2 000 blankets, jerry cans and tents for distribution in Mariental. She confirmed that the goods were transported to Mariental the same day. Distribution starts today. Essack-Kauaria indicated that of all the 2 000 blankets, only 650 would be distributed to the remaining needy families who did not receive any during the first round of assistance. A total of 100 tents would also be given out to the people of Mariental who were left shelterless by the floods. “We will not duplicate, we will have to see what they need and the remaining items would be kept in our storehouse till such a time when there will be a need for distribution,” she said. In addition, 330 households are expected to receive hygiene packs. Each kit contains 220-ml Vaseline containers x 3, Washing powder (Omo) 500 g x 2, Lux bathing soap x 6 tablets, Aquafresh tubes x 6, a packet of Stayfree sanitary towels and disinfectant solution all sponsored by the United Nations Fund for population Activities (UNFPA). Red Cross staff members have been at the town monitoring the situation, distributing water purification tablets as well sharing general information about health and hygiene. Government aid and humanitarian assistance from non-governmental organisations has been streaming into Mariental. In the past few weeks, the town has received donations in form of money, food and blankets among others. Experts from Zambia and Zimbabwe came in to help with the purification of water at the town where it was feared that there might be a diarrhoea pandemic.

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