Children Who Read Well Do Better


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Reading is instrumental in forming a foundation on which to build a child’s educational career in trying to find a place in the world. This was said by the chairperson of the Library Council, Elia Kaiyamo, at a recently held two-day reading skills development workshop of teachers, educational planners and regional directors in the capital. “It has been proven that children who read well, do better in subjects and in all aspects of schooling and beyond. As the world becomes more complex, reading is increasingly important to children. Whether the child is too young to comprehend the words on a page or not, makes no difference,” Kaiyamo said. He went on saying: “Scientists, pediatricians and educators alike agree that reading by children strengthens resolve in learning. They also contend that setting an example by reading in front of children is one of the major ways of inculcating an interest in reading.” He contended that reading plays an important role in the lives of all Namibian citizens. “It is no secret that Namibians are lacking behind with reading and that the reading culture in the country is at an unsatisfactory level. Reading is crucial to being an informed citizen, to succeed in one’s career and to personal fulfillment. Many people believed and thought technology would decrease the need for reading books. They were wrong. We have more access to text than ever. There are more specialized magazines, books, newspapers and articles to be read on the Internet,” Kaiyamo said. He urged the participants to come up with proposals which will enable them not only to treat the symptoms of poor reading. “We must develop programmes that will inculcate reading skills and nurture the love for reading books in Namibian children during their pre-primary and primary years,” the chairperson of the National Library Council said.

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