Specific Francophonie activities


Kolmanskop – another world by Helga Kohl From Monday, March 13 to 28 at the FNCC gallery Opening, Monday, March 13, 6pm – free entrance Helga Kohl studied techniques of photography in Germany and obtained her photographic diploma at the Chamber of Trade Munster, Westfalen. Whilst studying for her diploma, she attended evening classes in art photography at the S. Walter Art Studio. In 1970 she relocated to Namibia where she has worked as a freelance photographer since 1975. Helga is a very well known photographer in Namibia and has presented both numerous solo and group exhibitions. She has been chosen to be part of the biennale of Bamako last year with the Kolmanskop exhibition that will be part of a worldwide tour from next April. Take the opportunity to see that exhibition at the FNCC gallery before its departure. The gala evening Thursday, March 16, 8pm at the FNCC – free entrance The highlight of the month of the Francophonie will be the gala evening that is open to all at the FNCC, on Thursday, March 16 from 8pm onwards, with the Right Honourable Nahas Angula, Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia, as its patron. During the course of this evening tribute will be paid to the winners of the various competitions that took place in February, who are going to receive their awards: the Spring of Poets, the Francophonie Competition (sketches and drawings). The prizes will be handed over by ambassadors of the French-speaking countries. The evening will be interspersed with short commentaries on the French-speaking community in Windhoek, which have been compiled by the video courses; the choir of the FNCC under the direction of Oloy and with the support of the French-speaking countries, will sing songs in French. The evening will end with a cocktail. A variety of dishes from French-speaking countries will be served and one of the best Namibian musical groups at this point in time will provide the background for the concluding stages of the evening by playing French airs.