Warriors Can Make 2010


I hereby forward this letter to you for a strongly positive encouragement for Namibia to pull through as a qualifier for the World Cup 2010. As a previous, one of the prior age group team’s football players for the national team, I have never lost hope and faith in the progress of our Namibian national team – Brave Warriors. Unfortunately, I am not currently present in the country to comment on the current performance of our premier league teams, as I am in Europe where I continue to play football, but I remain well informed and updated about Namibian team efforts. On my return, I will gladly join a team for the Namibian Premier League hoping to keep up to the required skills and team play in order to get an opportunity to be enticed for the national team, which I can assure you will go to the World Cup 2010. The purpose of this correspondence is not only to build and show a morale for the future but have it from point for the forthcoming years. I strongly believe that if we look at the present structure, we have two years for etiquette planning which is imperative to the qualifiers and four years to the World Cup. I hope my letter will ensemble not only your attention but also our fellow football players. I therefore encourage football players to ‘Think with me”. Yours in Sports Serious Striker