Rehoboth, Beware of Flood


By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Namwater has warned residents of Rehoboth’s low-lying areas to be alert as the areas are at risk of flooding. The warning comes in the wake of the Oanob Dam, which is reported to be 103 percent full, as of Tuesday evening. The areas downstream of Rehoboth and other settlements downstream, especially Block E were warned not to enter the Oanob River at any time as the water level behind the dam and in the river may rise without warning. Namwater’s Corporate Communication Manager, Johannes Shigwedha said the dam was designed in such a way that when the water level reaches its full supply level, it starts to spill over the spillway, thus a flood of any magnitude could occur. “A flood of any magnitude can therefore be routed through the dam without Namwater’s control at any time during the day or night,” said Shigwedha. He said people should therefore treat the river and the dam as potentially dangerous until further notice. “The general public is warned that Namibia is still within its normal rainy season and more rain and inflow can therefore be expected,” he said. Since Saturday, according to workers at Lake Oanob, the water has been spilling over the spillway.