Home Brew Kills Two


By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK Tragedy struck a San family when two women died while two others are fighting for their lives at a hospital where they were admitted after they apparently drank a poison-laced home brew at Farm Finaale in the Steinhausen Constituency. While one of the women, Anna Geelbooi died in Gobabis on Tuesday, Martha Amses was admitted at the Gobabis State Hospital. Twenty-six-year old Kora Dam passed away at the Katutura State Hospital on Wednesday, while 37-year-old Sofia Geelbooi is fighting for her life in the Acute Care Unit of the same hospital. Raising concern to New Era yesterday, Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, who is also the Councillor of the Steinhausen Constituency Kilus Ngu-vauva said that the tragedy happened after the four women allegedly drank a poisonous home brew at Gert Koekemoer’s farm in the Steinhausen Constituency. Nguvauva said this was a serious case because a similar incident occurred six years ago when seven San people also died after drinking a poisonous brew at the same farm. “This is a very serious case where lives have been lost again. My concern is that the same incident occurred in 2000 and till this day, nothing has been done about it,” said the councillor who emphasised the fact that thorough investigations need to be done by the police to get to the bottom of the matter. Nguvauva also challenged the National Society of Human Rights (NSHR) to investigate the case. The San are considered to be the most marginalised people in the country and when such incidents happen, it becomes a worry, said Nguvauva. The deputy minister will visit the area next week Tuesday to find out exactly what happened to the four San women at that farm. “A thorough investigation is needed into this case because lives are being lost from the disadvantaged communities of the San in the region,” he added. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Libertina Amathila, who is passionate about fighting for the cause of the San people, will also be in the area next week Monday where she will also be briefed about the latest incident. The condition of Geelbooi is very critical. State Doctor Svitlana Voronkova told New Era yesterday that her hopes for survival are minimal. “Her liver is completely damaged; she is bleeding from everywhere; her kidneys are also affected and she is probably going to die,” said Dr Voronkova. Verification could not be obtained on what type of poison was contained in the traditional beer, which must be extremely potent.