A Comrade is No More


By Joshua Razikua Kaumbi When man shines, others must be able to applaud, for we are all chains with no blueprint in circulation. Yesterday, we were informed that a comrade had departed, a comrade young but human. When a comrade departs, yesterday’s vibrancy comes to life. The little man some of us have regarded as the most receptive learner of Nanso is no more. The man who could recite Marx and unearth any worthy socialist of yesterday as if they were his learners has ceased to be. The comrade has crossed a border of no return. Comrade Collin Kamehozu was a loyal and steadfast member and leader of an organisation some us continue to respect and hold in high esteem. The Nanso of those who passed before us gave us refuge, the reason to swear and be angry for being the young and restless, for being us. When we meet with those who shared yesterday with us, such meetings become an opportunity to reminisce about the sons and daughters whose mastering of the queen’s language made us wear the comrade tag with pride and youthful dignity. Comrade Kamehozu will forever remain and be seen as a theorist and a man who could let you fall in love with Nanso, as he eloquently and Nanso-alike advocated and advanced the agenda of the young and the restless. Whenever and wherever you see Nanso, you would see Kamehozu nearly becoming a Fanuel Kaapama in the art of addressing and analysis. This young man kept the yellow star and the wheat of our organisation shining and growing. He survived so many administrations that one knew come congress Kamehozu will come, through co-optation or not. He crossed barriers that seemed insurmountable and at no time in his life did he compromise what he believed was right for the Nanso of his time. Whatever the agenda of our meeting yesterday, comrade Kamehozu will always remain one of the student leaders of our country. Whatever our note of departure yesterday, comrade Kamehozu has always been and will be regarded by some of us as those who said to be a student is to be in charge of what defines you, To be a student is to be allowed to define and re-define your own dream. The great socialist of the Nanso School of young but refined thoughts is no more: the comrade has crossed the border of no return, the border crossed but once. As this little man of our organisation and country departs, we all say rest in comradely peace. Go home comrade for no man has refused a journey home, go home comrade. Farewell and may you embrace the eternal rest accorded you.