Flood Victims Need Help


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Despite the fact that the water levels in the flood-stricken town of Mariental have receded, the Namibian Red Cross Society has appealed to the nation to assist the affected people in the southern town. This urgent appeal for help was yesterday made by the director of the Namibian Red Cross Society, Razia Essack-Kauaria, in a press release. “We urge the public to work in partnership with the Government in providing assistance to flooded Mariental through relevant structures such as the Regional Emergency Unit (Rema) and the Emergency Management Unit at national government level set up at the town. In addition, the Namibian Red Cross Society in partnership with Standard Bank has made two accounts available for donations by individuals, organizations and companies,” Essack-Kauaria said. In the meantime the Namibia Red Cross Society’s Programme Manager, Abel Augustinio, indicated that water and sanitation in the flooded town remains a big problem and critical. “We have placed an urgent order in South Africa for water purification capsules, expected to arrive this morning. “The situation at Mariental can get worse in view of the fact that the sewerage and water supply systems are not properly working. An engineer from Zimbabwe is also expected to arrive this morning and will be dispatched to the affected town to assist the local authorities before illnesses break out,” Augustinio said. Donations for relief can be made to the following banks: Standard Bank, main branch, Mariental Disaster Relief Fund, branch code 2372, account number 241735955 or Bank Windhoek, main branch, account number 8000286581. “We are very much impressed in the way how closely all the government structures at the town work together to solve the immediate problems of the people of Mariental. However, right now donations are welcome to assist in all efforts,” Essack-Kauaria said.