Slaving in African Foreign Missions?


We Namibians working for African foreign missions are experiencing difficulties in the sense that we do not know what positions we are employed for! The job descriptions and our rights are violated, we work like slaves, sometimes you would not know whether you are a messenger, cleaner, typist, secretary, driver, clerk or a housekeeper. We are always asked to volunteer to do some duties, otherwise you will be written a letter or be disciplined to the extent that a percentage from your little income will be deducted. Drivers walk long distances after hours to catch taxis from their bosses’ residences, because in certain areas there are no taxi ranks. This happens all the time whether it is winter or during the rainy season. There is no overtime payment at all, the bosses sometimes prefer to give off days without consulting the employees beforehand. We the so-called home-based staff/locally recruited staff have no right to comment on issues with which we are not satisfied. We are often threatened by our seniors with the following: – Do you know that I am your senior? – Dismissal threats. – Diplomatic immunity (your government, or workers’ union can’t do anything about it)? We feel that we are not respected by our so-called diplomats in our own country. We are still oppressed. That is why we are pleading to our leaders, President and our fellow Namibians to interfere and for the foreign ministry to review the rights of this people, so they can co-operate like the European countries because we are tired. Please, please, please, please do something, do something because we are tired. We have no benefits like: – Transport – Medical aid – Housing – Pension – Bonuses – The little wages we are earning do not accommodate our needs. Very Tired and Fed-up Namibian Citizens