Inmates Aggrieved over Parole


Thanks for our letter in your newspaper. Dear Namibian public, are you aware that here sits inmates in prison, who were supposed to be outside on parole and/or remission? “The Prison Act clearly stipulates the respective time frames for paroles and remissions but this institution finds it difficult to implement procedures in terms of rules and regulations. The administrative principles of this institution are a joke! Paroles and remissions were implemented by lawmakers as a rule: regulation guidelines were attached but the prison authorities don’t care because the word ‘may’ in the Prison Act gives the authorities the right to do what they feel! – Parole/remission recommendations are out of hand. – Recommendations are not on time. – Delayed administration at WHK C/Prison and delayed feedbacks from the National Release Board. The Minister blames the budget – “There is no money” – but they work against their own Prison Act in terms of their own rules and regulations! – We the inmates request the Parliament and the National Assembly to investigate the parole and remission procedures here at Windhoek C/Prison. They must conduct this investigation in co-operation with the inmates because management will give them all the good news. Inmates Windhoek C/Prison