Security Minister Warns ‘Corrupt Elements’


By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK Minister of Safety and Security Peter Tsheehama has issued a stern warning to any corrupt members of the Namibian police or prisons authority, saying culprits will not get away with their actions. Lately, the minister has received several complaints from the public about corrupt practices by some law enforcement officers. Tsheehama stressed the ministry’s zero-tolerance against corruption. “I wish to send a stern warning to these members that this ministry shall not tolerate these practices. Government has already declared corruption in the Namibian society as one of the enemies. Therefore, my ministry will leave no stone unturned in fighting corruption within its establishments,” said Tsheehama. Allegations of corruption and bribery by members of the police force were lodged with the offices of the Anti-Corruption Commission recently. It is with these concerns the minister officially opened the one-day ministerial retreat at a local resort outside the capital yesterday. The aim of the retreat was to assist the ministry’s senior management officers to hold discussions in charting the way forward in line with its vision and mission statements. Tsheehama says since his appointment, he has been trying to inculcate a collective team spirit based on hard work and effective service delivery. In light of the growing incidences of crime in the country, the minister urged his senior police force members to redouble their efforts in fighting crime. “You need to work collectively and come up with an agreeable common vision and mission of the Ministry of Safety and Security…We need to (therefore) ensure that every Namibian lives in a totally crime free country,” added Tsheehama, saying that during the retreat critical analysis should be given on the safety and security situation in the country in line with available resources in order to make progress. With the growing incidents of crime, safety and security is becoming an enormous challenge for the ministry. Yet, the Minister is hopeful that with concerned collective efforts and dedication, this situation can be addressed effectively in the country. “We need to ensure that everybody in Namibia is safe and secured from criminals. People in Namibia must live in peace and harmony,” added the Safety and Security Minister. “He also called on senior members of the ministry to prepare themselves for the full implementation of Vision 2030. “Vision 2030 will not be realized if all stakeholders in the safety and security fraternity are not clear in their minds as to what their roles and mandates are. “Without their own clear visions, missions and objectives, this will not be achieved,” he added. The one-day ministerial retreat yesterday was attended by close to 40 senior management members of the Namibian Police and Prisons.