Walvis CEO Back at His Desk


By Emma Kakololo Walvis Bay The Municipality of Walvis Bay has revoked the suspension of its Chief Executive Officer Augustinus Katiti and four other officials following the special investigation into the arrear accounts of municipal officials. The resolution was taken at an extra-ordinary council meeting held on Friday. Katiti, Johannes Andima, Johanna Shidute, Christ Naobeb and Sipora Utondoka started working yesterday already, while the sixth official, namely, the general manager of finance, Muronga Haingura, still remains on suspension. His suspension could not be lifted following certain recommendations contained in the report of the independent auditors, revealed a press statement issued yesterday. The council at its meeting also resolved that “any other disciplinary action, if required, be dealt with administratively and that audit observations and findings by the external auditing firm, Ernst & Young, as contained in their Final Report of the Independent Auditors to the Municipality of Walvis Bay, as well as the special investigation by the internal auditor be implemented as soon as possible”. The meeting also resolved that the legal firm, Conradie & Damaseb Legal Practitioners, be instructed to investigate the leaking of confidential municipal information. “In order to strengthen internal control, regular consultative platforms consisting of the Chairperson of Council, Chairperson of the Management Committee and the Chief Executive Officer, will be created,” read the statement. The council reiterated to uphold its promise to keep in mind the wellbeing and interests of all municipal stakeholders, including staff, and urged all its customers to close the unfortunate chapter of recent events and face all future challenges collectively for the wellbeing of Walvis Bay.