Aboobakar Refuses to Talk


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK The suspended NDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdool Sattar Aboobakar refused to give testimony during his disciplinary hearing on Friday. Aboobakar on instructions from his lawyer Elia Shikongo decided not to testify and the move led to the first phase of the hearing being concluded earlier than expected. Aboobakar was expected to testify on Friday and Saturday but soon after his refusal the disciplinary hearing was postponed to Wednesday, when both the defence lawyers and the NDC lawyers will make their submissions. A lawyer close to the proceedings told New Era yesterday that Aboobakar’s refusal to testify brings a new twist to the hearing but it is within his rights to remain silent. He noted that after the submissions on Wednesday the panel which consists of lawyers Lucius Murorua, Nate Ndauendapo and a labour consultant will deliberate on the entire hearing to make the final verdict. He noted that it will take some time before the panel can come up with a verdict, as there is a lot of evidence which needs to be studied. The disciplinary hearing of Aboobakar and Addis Faul, the head of Finance and Administration started almost three weeks ago in the capital and saw a number of managers and board members answer questions from the panel. Aboobakar and Faul’s charges mostly resulted from the missing N$55 million of NDC that was channelled to the Offshore Development Company (ODC) for investment. The N$55 million investment forms the biggest part of the missing N$100 million invested with an unknown Botswana investment company Great Triangle Investment (GTI). One of the major charges against the two suspended managers is that of gross negligence. The charge sheet states that Aboobakar neglected to ensure the safety of the NDC funds when he unlawfully and wrongfully approved and/or caused the investment of N$55 million of the Corporation’s fund with the ODC, an entity that is not a financial institution. Aboobakar, who is also the CEO of ODC, is also charged with poor performance. He allegedly failed to perform his duties and functions properly as required by his contract of employment and the Corporation’s Investment Strategy by unlawfully and wrongfully approving and/or transferring N$55 million to ODC purportedly to be invested with or by ODC, an entity that is not a financial institution. Lucius Murorua is the chairperson of the disciplinary hearing, while Werner Boesak on instructions from Engling, Stritter & Partners is the initiator. Aboobakar and Faul are being represented by Shikongo. The two managers are on suspension with full pay.