Oshikoto Sets Up Education Fund


By Engel Nawatiseb TSUMEB The Director of Education in the Oshikoto region, Anna Nghipondoka says the shortage of teachers for crucial subjects has prompted stakeholders in the region to establish an education training bursary fund. The fund would be launched at Ondangwa and Tsumeb towards the end of next month to generate income from organisations, institutions and individuals including learners and teachers. “The region is faced with problems related to the lack of teachers for subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English and Computer Studies. We have clustered stakeholders into various annual contribution levels to allow the availability of funds when we decide on the allocation of bursaries as from next year. “Learners will for example contribute five dollars to sustain the fund.” Nghipondoka noted that her region scored the best academic results in grades 10 and 12 last year and could do better this year based on the motivational and encouragement levels by all stakeholders. A steering committee has been set up to administer the fund. The director encouraged stakeholders to take ownership of the project and not regard it as a “baby” of the Education ministry alone. “The fact that the project idea was born in the Oshikoto region should not deter other potential donors, corporate companies and businesses from investing in this noble objective. If the project succeeds in our region it could encourage other regions to follow suit,” said Nghipondoka. She was addressing Tsumeb Local Authority Councillors and heads of departments at the town on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana recently commended educational stakeholders, singling out parents for prioritizing the education of their children above other priorities. “Imagine village schools such as Oshigambo combined delivered the best results compared to other advanced schools throughout the country. “Yes, we can do it again, we are the current torchbearers in the country, therefore we should retain that status throughout the years to come.” Iivula-Ithana further urged teachers, learners and traditional, local and regional leaders to combine efforts aimed at promoting the value of education and the positive impact it could have on the nation. “Education is one of the strongest pillars of nation building and should be vigorously pursued by each and every student that has access to education in this country. “We in government are clear on the support we need to render to the education process in order to groom our future scientists, geologists, engineers and others expertise that are rare in our country.”