Investing in Children


By Fifi Rhodes WINDHOEK If the connotation of a Samaritan stands out to be a good person, then Linda Elliot fits that description. Having worked for a long time as the “mother of vulnerable children” , looking after six HIV-Aids affected children, Linda has now turned her attention to orphans at schools. Her latest achievement is a daily soup kitchen at Elim Primary School in Khomasdal where she in conjunction with the acting principal Hilma Shilengudwa everyday sets up the table for a hundred orphans. Each morning, the children receive a healthy breakfast before starting with their daily activities. Everyday from noon, the little ones that go home have to be fed a tasty lunch, a big plate of cooked maize-meal together with vegetables, mince or whole meat. Her two partners in her endeavours are local chain shop Woermann Brock and Bokomo Namibia. Acting principal Shilengudwa said since the Sunflower Kids Feeding Program started at her school, there is no more absenteeism. “You don’t find sick children in the sick room anymore. Everyday, my children are at school and we see progress in their work because of their concentration in class,” she said. The school is a little bit small for Linda to prepare the meals close to where her heart is. She for now has to use her kitchen at home two hundred meters away in Funky Town to do the cooking. Shilengudwa said the school is working hard to set up a structure for the kitchen, but the finances are a little low for now. “Especially during the rainy period we struggle. The children line up outside for the meals and then it is easy to get wet,” she explained. Linda said her goodwill is not going to stop here but she wants to take it to other schools in the area. Renee de Lange and Carmen Blaauw both from Bokomo who this reporter met during the feeding hour said that their company is eager to support a worthwhile effort. “Linda is doing a great job here. We from Bokomo’s side only had to do a little – she does most part of the work. We are pleased to help,” they say.