Cop Under Probe for Fraud


By Chrispin Inambao WINDHOEK Members of the specialised police unit – Complaints and Discipline are investigating a case of fraud after a member of the Special Branch at Walvis Bay reportedly misappropriated N$2 000 from the N$5 000 he was supposed to pay to an informer. The informer was entitled to a cheque of N$5 000 for collaborating with his handlers in the force but he merely received N$3 000, with the remaining N$2 000 seemingly ending in the wallet of a warrant officer being investigated. Sources in the force are afraid that the probe is being protracted unnecessarily and that the case could end up being swept under the carpet. But police spokesman Warrant Officer James Matengu insists this is not so as Complaints and Discipline is probing the matter. Sources who asked for anonymity at the coast suggested the investigation appears to be going round in circles because the culprit is suspected to have consulted a witchdoctor who in turn cast a powerful spell that would result in the suspect being exonerated. They also implied this is not the first time that funds earmarked for informers are embezzled by those handling such payments at the coast, and they mentioned a separate sum of N$10 000 budgeted for informers also being misappropriated at Walvis Bay. The warrant officer currently under investigation is also reported to be threatening his colleagues for exposing the alleged crime that could cost him his job. Though Matengu did confirm there was such an investigation by members of Complaints and Discipline, he could not reveal more details, claiming such disclosure could jeopardise ongoing investigations that have apparently reached a crucial stage. But he said once the investigation is complete, the report document would be sent to the prosecuting authority that would decide on what appropriate line of action to pursue. New Era is in possession of the name of the accused but since he has not yet been charged, the suspect cannot be named at this stage on legal grounds.